TKC Blog Community Readers Told You So: Kansas City Parks Board Gutted

We talked about the new "woke" board early last month . . . Here's the newspaper catch up to Mayor Q cracking down on this local institution . . .

"(Mayor) Lucas did not give up. While he failed in that first attempt to reduce the board’s power, he’s now taken another approach to possibly rein in the board’s independence by appointing an almost entirely new roster of board members. 

 "He did that in October by replacing two commissioners and filling two seats that he had left open for months on the five-member board. Those vacancies had made it difficult for the board to conduct business. If someone was absent, meetings would have to be canceled because there wouldn’t be a quorum. 

 "The new members took office this week. The only holdover from the previous board was the one who had the least experience, having only served since February."

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Kansas City's mayor exerts influence through appointments to parks and KCATA boards

After failing to strip the parks board of power through a charter change, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas appointed four new members.