Testimony: Witnesses Described Chaos Amid Gunfire & Panic At Independence Center

There are many reasons why retail is dead and this nearly dead mall is struggling to overcome HORRIFIC FINANCIAL TURMOIL . . . Here are more deets . . .

"The first shot, it was like 'pow pow pow pow pow,'" he said in quick succession, imitating the sound of rapid gunfire. "Then it stopped for a moment and then people ducking, people screaming."

"I see people start running, and then like everybody on the upper floors there is closing their stores down. People are trying to hide, go inside the stores as they are closing it down," his brother Chris said. "Then you hear screams and just hear people saying, 'Go go run run run! He's got a gun.'"

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Witnesses describe 'chaos' as four shot inside Independence Center

Shots rang out inside Independence Center on Friday, injuring four people. One of those victims is a pregnant woman who was critically wounded.