Taylor Swift Sparks More Interest In Chiefs Than Super Bowl Glory

Once again we're greeted with a glimpse at the single-greatest marketing stunt the Kansas City Chiefs have ever produced . . . Check this report of a branding collab under the cover of romance . . .

It appears a number of Swifties still have no idea what she was referring to in the song because searches for 'what is chiefs' saw an incredible 289 per cent increase worldwide.

Alongside searches for tickets, worldwide interest in searches for 'Kansas City Chiefs' skyrocketed 496 per cent after the concert, proving just how keen fans of Swift are to find out more about Kelce's team.

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Interest in Chiefs tickets up by 150% after Swift shouted out Kelce

The shout-out sent social media into a frenzy and caused a surge in Google searches looking for tickets to watch a Chiefs game - where Swift had regularly been seen before her hit tour restarted.