Southmoreland Saves Historic Kansas City Mansion From Demolition . . . For Now

We can only imagine the crew from this upscale enclave singing Miley's "Wrecking Ball" whilst happily filing paper work . . . Check-it:

The Southmoreland Neighborhood Association said the home is still part of the neighborhood, and it’s been fighting the Vawters' plans to tear down the home.

“We feel strongly that there needs to be more consideration before just willy-nilly demolishing things,” said Laura Burkhalter, Southmoreland Neighborhood Association President.

It successfully petitioned to have the home added to the Kansas City Register of Historic Places.

“They filed a historic nomination one day before we were hoping to get our demolition permit,” Vawter said.

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Kansas City rejects homeowners' request to tear down historic home

Homeowners' latest attempt to demolish the historic George B. Richards mansion at 45th and Warwick in Kansas City has failed.