Credit to local newsies . . . The hyperbole surrounding this weather event was noticeably subdued. Maybe they didn't want to scare shoppers away . . . OR . . . Maybe snow isn't so scary given that the world has been living under the VERY REAL threat of Vlad dropping a nuke for at least a year

Accordingly, we round up local weather reports for our snowbound denizens.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Reminder: SLOW DOWN!!!

Kansas City area road conditions, city snow plans

The Kansas City area's first snowfall of the season kicked off on Saturday afternoon, with snow expected through Saturday evening into early Sunday morning

Mayor Q Set To Declare Victory After It Melts . . . 

Mayor Lucas announces snow initiative as Kansas City gets first winter storm of the season

Mayor Quinton Lucas and Brian Platt, the city manager, announced Kansas City's new snow preparation plan in response to this weekend's brush with winter weather.

Easier Than Blaming Prez Or Fed

Saturday's snow deters shoppers from Small Business Saturday

People typically start shopping for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving, but many seem to have opted out this year due to the popularity of online shopping coupled with snow accumulation in KC.

Holi-Daze Cont'd

Where to visit Santa Claus in the Kansas City area 2023

Christmas is just around the corner, which means Santa Claus is visiting with kids across the Kansas City area for photos and wish lists.

Last Middle-Class Chirstmas?!?

Season's first snow helps ring in start of holiday season

Hundreds of people turned out for the second night of "Enchant," an immersive holiday experience, at Legends Field Saturday night.

Inspiring Artsy Pix From One Of Our Favorite Kansas City Photogs

First Snow

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More Weather Info From Grigs

Winter Weather Advisory in place until early Sunday morning

Snowfall will range between 1 and 4 inches within the core metro

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