Show-Me Fight Over Weed Robots

Legislation about legal marijuana packaging in Missouri has turned politicos into art critics. 

Here's the quote from recent debate and a realization the widely available drugs has made the local discourse just a bit dumber . . . Check-it: 

The robot debate is part of an ongoing power struggle between the division and the committee over one line in the constitutional amendment that legalized recreational marijuana last year. It states that labels and packaging for marijuana-related products, “shall not be made to be attractive to children… to protect public health.”

Missouri is one of few states that require plain packaging in the adult-use cannabis market, according to new rules that went into effect on July 30. Businesses have until May to comply with the rules, specifying the packaging should be one primary color and can have up to two logos or symbols that can be different colors.

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Missouri legislators criticize regulations targeting cannabis packaging aimed at kids * Missouri Independent

A bipartisan panel voted unanimously that the state overstepped its authority by requiring plain packaging in the adult-use cannabis market