SHOCKER: Democratic Party Pollster Reports 'Chance Of Upset' Against GOP Sen. Hawley

Context . . . Last time around Missouri progressive voters picked a beer heiress over this "progressive" war hawk from the Pentagon . . .

"Show Me Victories, a political strategy company, says the poll released Tuesday shows that 46% of Missourians likely to vote in the November general election would vote for Hawley, and 42% would choose Kunce.

"With an 4.9% margin of error, the poll suggests that a Kunce upset remains a possibility. The poll gleaned its results from the responses of 407 Missourians."

A grain of salt to consider . . .

"Show Me Victories’ founder is Michael Kelley, a St. Louis-based Democratic political consultant."

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New poll touts Lucas Kunce's chance of upsetting Josh Hawley

Poll from Democrat strategy group shows Republican Hawley with only a 46-to-42% lead over Democratic challenger Kunce. The poll has about 5% margin of error.