Shawnee Teen's Deadly Fentanyl OD Exposed

What stands out about this story is just how easy it is for youngsters to get a hold of this garbage and made horrible decisions that could cost them their lives . . . Take a look:

"Detectives with the Northeast Kansas Drug Task Force know that street manufactured 'Percocets' are often pressed with fentanyl and acetaminophen or some other cutting agent and marked to resemble a legitimate M30 tablet," court documents state.

The group went back to a residence in Shawnee and snorted the two pills, per the sworn affidavit. Members of the group reported throwing up and excessive sweating after taking the pills.

Three members of the group left the residence around 3:15 p.m. on Aug. 29.

One member of the group remained at the home with Cooper. He said they both fell asleep after taking the pill, and he woke up to find Cooper not breathing.

After waking, he called 911, and Shawnee police officers were dispatched to the home.

Cooper was transported to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Court documents outline events leading up to fentanyl poisoning death of Shawnee 16-year-old

Aaron Hansberry, 28, made his preliminary appearance in court Tuesday morning after he was charged in the fentanyl poisoning death of 16-year-old boy Cooper Davis, of Shawnee.