Shawnee Mission School School District Students Rally Against Racism

Tonight's life lesson in social justice activism following an alleged felony assault . . . Check-it:

About 200 people gathered outside Shawnee Mission Schools, expressing their outrage and demanding action from school administrators.

School district spokesperson David A. Smith emphasized the need for a "safe and welcoming environment" for all students and staff.

"We have to make sure that our students and our staff feel like this is a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and supported," Smith said.

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Shawnee Mission School District students rally against racism following attack at Shawnee Mission East

Students at the Shawnee Mission School District demonstrated for the third time this week after a racial slur and fight at Shawnee Mission East High School.

'Have our backs', Shawnee Mission students rally for accountability following racist attack

The racist attack on Bre'yanna Brown, a Black sophomore at Shawnee Mission East, prompted students to organize several rallies on Thursday to get the school district's attention.

Teen, family speak out after racial slurs led to fight at Shawnee Mission East

The white male Shawnee Mission East student who fought with Brey'anna Brown faces a felony aggravated battery charge.

Also, the story made NBC Nightly News . . .

Kansas teen charged after he punched and yelled slur at Black high-schooler in halls

A 15-year-old Kansas high-schooler has been charged after he was filmed attacking a Black student in the hallway, calling her the n-word and punching her in the face in an attack that left her with a broken nose.