Shawnee, Kansas Fires City Manager After He Suffered Illicit Revenge P*rn Video

And here's where a local government might be setting themselves up for an EPIC retaliation lawsuit and big bucks in damages. 

It's pretty obvious this hapless bureaucrat was the victim of a shady scheme and now his political bosses are punishing him . . . Seemingly . . . Because he was a victim. 

Here's the justification that's paper thin and won't stand up to a sympathetic jury that will see it sometime not so long from now . . . 

“While an extremely unfortunate result, we were left with no choice, as once the video was disseminated to city servers, Mr. Gerber had an obligation to inform us of its existence,” Councilwoman Tammy Thomas said in a previous statement. “He chose not to, leading the council to learn about it through other means a full month later. This is inexcusable.”

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Shawnee councilmembers vote to fire city manager over inappropriate video

Councilmembers Monday night voted unanimously to fire Doug Gerber two weeks after an inappropriate video involving Gerber was sent to city employees.

Following executive session, Shawnee city council votes to fire city manager Doug Gerber

Doug Gerber was placed on administrative leave after The Kansas City Star reported an anonymous source sent a sexting video of him to several city employees.

Shawnee fires city manager for not disclosing staff received his sexually explicit video

The Shawnee, Kansas City Council voted to fire City Manager Doug Gerber after he failed to disclose that several employees received a sexually explicit video of him.