Resolved: Everybody Thinks Taylor Swift Is Distracting Travis Kelce

A word from a VERY RESPECTED LOCAL HALL OF FAMER . . . Thing is . . . He seems to be capturing the consensus . . . He's the word about public frustration with the romance . . . After a surprise loss, for Chiefs fans . . . It seems like the honeymoon is over . .  .

Many made a connection, including Chiefs Hall of Fame kicker Nick Lowery.

“I’m just gonna say this once…. I adore my Chiefs,” the longtime kicker posted on Facebook after Sunday’s loss. “I love Patrick… I love Travis, and it’s been fun witnessing the ‘Taylor factor’- as long as it’s not a distraction… However, when I saw Travis watching the World Series in Texas….on a Friday night before a road game….do i have to finish the sentence?”

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Chiefs Hall of Famer says Travis Kelce's World Series appearance days before Kansas City's loss was a 'distraction'

The Chiefs loss in Denver on Sunday was the team's first defeat at the hands of the Broncos since 2015 and came less than two days after Travis Kelce was seen at the World Series in Texas.