Prairie Village Pushes Back Against 'Extremist' Labels Amid Fight Against Rezoning

This is a response column that's worth a read as the newspaper struggles to influence debate when it's clear that neighborhood leaders have garnered a great deal of momentum by way of social media and simple neighborhood "ground game" organizing . . .

Even better . . . Notice the upbeat, hopeful & welcoming tone of the author compared to progressive activist Shawn Stewart attacking alleged "extremists" in his scathing rhetorical vendetta.


"I’ve spoken with hundreds of Prairie Village residents of all political stripes. Nearly all agree it’s common sense that people like certain qualities about where they live, and they want to maintain those qualities. Democrats and Libertarians like Prairie Village for the same reasons Republicans and unaffiliated voters do, and it has nothing to do with politics.

"This was evident this summer as residents showed up in droves to sign petitions to maintain our city’s single-family neighborhood structure — an effort the current council spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to silence."

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