Port KC Hopes Hipster Beer Garden Will Bring Biz Near Berkley Riverfront Park

Tonight we take another peek at local development schemes built upon antiqued understanding of economies of scale emerging in the information age. 

Translation: The Internets wants EVERYBODY spending money to stay comfy at home. 

Or maybe somebody had one too many beers whilst planning this out.

Here's a preview of good times and the city's future sketched out on the back of a cocktail napkin . . .

The beer garden Two Birds, One Stone will be stationed on the waterfront directly across from the Origin Hotel. Expected to open in the summer of 2024, Two Birds, One Stone is a nearly 8,200 square foot, two-story structure housed on half an acre inside the portion of the park known as “The Grove”.

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A Beer Garden Is Coming To Berkley Riverfront Park

Developers broke ground last month on a new beer garden Two Birds, One Stone that will open next year in Berkley Riverfront Park.