Newsflash: Mahomes Washes Underwear

This week, not kidding one bit, there were a great many people who spent AN INORDINATE AMOUNT OF TIME discussing the "chones" of our Kansas City's Super Bowl winning quarterback. 

Credit to TKC Readers . . . We didn't think that Chiefs fans were LITERALLY "JOCK SNIFFERS" but, it seems, that's where we are . . . Here's the "news" coverage evidence:

In that first start, Mahomes passed for 256 yards and four touchdowns in the Chiefs’ 38-28 victory — so it’s not surprising he would want to keep the mojo going. But he’s not crazy; the special underwear does get washed.

“I don’t wear them in the games,” he clarified. “I just wear them to the games — so they’re not that bad.”


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Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes clarifies his underwear superstition

On Thursday, the Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes explained the gameday routine that's been an Internet sensation during the past week.