Missouri Voters Moving Closer To Constitutional Protection For Abortion?!?!

Skeptics think that the GOP super majority will be able to delay this inevitability but polling suggests otherwise. 

Already . . . GOP insiders have warned their party that if a pro-abortion choice makes it to the ballot in 2024, Republicans will lose and the fallout could spark electoral setbacks across the board.

Meanwhile . . . Let's not underestimate the ability of Missouri Democrats to completely screw up clear cut mandates from the electorate . . . Check-it:

A series of competing abortion legalization measures have been filed with the secretary of state's office. One slate of initiatives aims to legalize abortion from the first 24 weeks of pregnancy to having no gestational limit at all, while another slate is focused on smaller steps like making exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother.

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Ohioans passed an amendment to protect abortion rights. Missouri could follow in their footsteps

After voters in Ohio on Nov. 7 approved an amendment that enshrined the right to an abortion into their state constitution, reproductive rights advocates in Missouri are working to follow suit.