Missouri GOP Lady Abortion Petition Rebuked Over Reporting Requirement

Watching public policy crafted is one of many horrific things about the upcoming abortion debate.

Here's a peek at more ire against Republican ladies attempting to find a compromise that nobody wants:

An initiative petition effort to add an exemption for rape victims to Missouri’s abortion ban is officially underway, alongside provisions that would prohibit the government from interfering with access to an abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and provide immunity from prosecution for women who receive abortions and for those who help them.

But the proposed constitutional amendment would require women seeking an abortion following a rape to report the assault to a crisis hotline, an idea that has drawn criticism from some survivors and advocates who worry it will be a barrier to accessing care.

“If that’s what’s required, then I say yes, it’s better than telling someone ‘no, you can’t make this decision about your own body,’” Mitchell said. “But at the same time, I really wish they would talk with people who’ve had that experience and understand the amount of trauma that they actually go through before they even arrive at the decision to have an abortion.”

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Missouri rape hotline reporting requirement in abortion-rights petition draws criticism

The group behind a proposed ballot initiative that would add rape exceptions to Missouri's abortion ban says a reporting requirement would give victims access to help. But some survivor advocacy