Mayor Q Presides Over The Deadliest Years In Kansas City History

There was a brief pause in local violence today . . . Time enough to take toll of the damage. 

Here's an important and tragic passage to consider that has occurred under the administration of Mayor Quinton Lucas . . .

There have now been 172 homicides so far this year in KCMO.

Only 2020, when there were 179 homicides in KCMO, was a deadlier year for the city. There had only been 171 homicides through Nov. 28 that year, so 2023 is tracking to break the city's record for bloodshed.

In fact, the last four years have been the four deadliest on record for KCMO with 179 homicides in 2020, 157 in 2021, 170 in 2022 and now 172 through Tuesday in 2023.

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Tuesday's homicides push Kansas City to 2nd deadliest year on record with 1 month left in 2023

Two homicides in Kansas City, Missouri, pushed the city to its second-deadliest year on record with more than a month left in the year.