Mayor Garner Warns: Bankruptcy Confronts The Dotte


Kudos for this local politico for focusing on ECONOMIC ISSUES THAT IMPACT ALL RESIDENTS rather than wasting time culture war.

The Mayor has his critics but on this financial risk . . . He's 100% on the money . . .

"Mayor Garner expressed frustration claiming that Wyandotte County is facing more than $1 billion in debt since the Unified Government System was formed back in 1997. While life expectancy in the county sits in the bottom half out of the State of Kansas.

"He claims the county has some of the poorest infrastructure out of the whole Kansas City Metro, and the highest poverty rates in the state. While seeking solutions for these, Garner said he doesn’t want to jump to the conclusion of simply breaking up the Wyandotte County Unified Government entirely but welcomes input from the community on if it should be voted on soon."

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KCK Mayor warns Wyandotte County on path to bankruptcy if spending plans don't change

The Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas blasted his colleagues and the people of Wyandotte County on Facebook.