KMBZ Talker Dana Wright Confesses Self-Inflicted Golf Ball Concussion

Okay . . .

Some of you d-bags were arguing that afternoon drive time at KMBZ actually earns great ratings. Our experience with that contention is that some of the most successful people typically find a way to rig the numbers. 

No, it's not a conspiracy just a fact of life that sooner or later EVERYTHING can be rigged. 

History provides us a lesson and it's not even sooooooo controversial to argue that JFK's dad rigged the 1960 American presidential election by way of Illinois and the Chicago mob . . . Something that MIGHT have cost the Prez his life down the road or at least makes a sexier story than the military industrial complex sending a very clear message to the Executive Branch that still resonates.  

But I digress . .  .

Not so long ago a local conservative dude figured out how to push his stats over the top . . . Now he's sitting in a corner office of a think tank and far away from the media grind. 

People who work in media know a lot better than to put TOO MUCH faith in the numbers.

Another quick story . . . 

There was nearly defunct KC blog which also MISTAKENLY believed that radio numbers offered a secret key to success . . . Sadly, insider data didn't attract any interest, advertisers or readers beyond the author's immediate social circle.

And so . . .

We respect ratings but maybe not as much as social media embarrassment.

Accordingly . . .

Today we wish KMBZ talker Dana Wright a speedy recovery from injury sustained by her own hand:

"I concussed myself today.  With my own @CallawayGolf ball.  You’re welcome."

Read more via link . . .

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