KCK Mayor Welcomes 'Deep Dive' Investigation Into Police & Unified Government

There's a few lawsuits in play . . . However . . . The reality is that feds aren't going to share many deets on any potential investigation until they press charges.

In the meantime . . . The Mayor shares his perspective on the controversial legacy of a disgraced lawman who inspired so much legal push back . . . Here's the word . . . 

“Don’t stop at KCKPD, let’s do a broad look at the U.G. I encourage and welcome a broad deep dive,” Mayor Garner said.

Before being elected mayor, Garner served at KCKPD for 32 years, starting as an 18-year-old cadet before working his way to deputy chief.

Garner said he faced challenges working at the police department as a black male.

“You can’t deny the policing data in our society. Racism still exists. We still have work to do. Blacks have been marginalized in law enforcement, in police departments,” Garner said.

The mayor Tuesday morning said he hadn’t reviewed the new lawsuit against the Unified Government, but he planned to do it with city attorneys.

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Kansas City, Kansas mayor calls for independent investigation of police department, county government

The mayor of KCK is calling for an independent investigation, preferably a federal one, of that community's police department and Unified Government.