Kansas Rethinks Mizzou License Plates

Credit to one brave soul who isn't afraid to make mistakes and reminds us that so many government actions don't bother to consult voters, residents or anybody outside the bubble of our ruling betters.

Here's the word with welcomed encouragement from BEST & BRIGHTEST readers . . .

In the letter to Governor Laura Kelly and Secretary Mark Burghart, Hoheisel says that while the new design is necessary for safety, the public's reaction to the new plate has been, "less than favorable."

"The decision to introduce these new plates without prior public input or feedback seems to have overlooked the importance of engaging our citizens in such matters," Hoheisel writes. "As far as I am aware, there was no comprehensive gathering of public opinion regarding the new design, which raises serious concerns about the process."

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Kansas Rep. Nick Hoheisel voices concerns over new license plate design: 'We can do better than this'

Wichita native and Kansas Republican representative Nick Hoheisel sent a letter of reservation and concern over the new license plate design, set to be implemented next spring.