Kansas Pushing Homeless To Lawrence

This is an important trend to document because this same tactic also plagues Kansas City, Missouri.

This is more than just urban legend or politically charged complaints . . . Check law enforcement calling out this worsening trend . . .

Kansas law enforcement officers said that homeless people are being pushed to ‘larger cities’ in the state.

Sgt. Matt Rose, who works with the Topeka Police Department’s homelessness unit, said people are “promised” help but find out that resources are low.

“When someone in a different agency gets tired of dealing with a certain individual, it’s not uncommon. I’m not going to name names of agencies, or however, for them to be driven to the county line and dropped off to where they can find more resources,” Rose explained. “Then, they get there and find out the resources they were promised don’t exist and, then, they’re stuck.”

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Homeless people sent to 'Lawrence', 'larger cities' in Kansas, officials said

TOPEKA, (KSNT)- Kansas lawmakers are trying to decide how far the state can go to address homelessness issues, as law enforcement officials say populations are being forced to move to the state's largest cities. The state's Special Committee on Homelessness met Thursday, Nov. 9 to talk about the impact of homelessness and what issues local [...]