Kansas Lady Beat Down With Her Own Walker

Posted only because this level of brutality can happen in middle of Nowhere, Kansas . . . Then it really represents a threat to us all . . . Here's the story:

A knock at the door resulted in a violent beating on the woman’s 84th birthday. The attacker, a 53-year-old Leavenworth woman, used the victim’s walker to beat her.

Documents say on September 15, 2022, THE FEMALE SUSPECT repeatedly banged on the victim’s door. While using her walker, the victim answered the door and stepped outside to greet her – a woman she did not recognize. While outside, THE SUSPECT reportedly became agitated, grabbed the victim’s walker, and began striking her with it.

When officers arrived at the downtown Leavenworth home, the victim was lying face down in the yard. The victim was bleeding, and facial swelling and bruising were visible. The victim was conscious when officers arrived and described her attacker telling police the woman who beat her called her a cannibal and accused her of holding the woman’s husband hostage.

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84-year-old woman beaten at front door by stranger

A suspect awaits sentencing after an 84-year-old woman answered her door and suffered a severe beating.