Kansas City Turnaround: MAGA Tough Talk & THUNDERGONG!

For late night/early morning visitors we share some more links we've been reading as we check pop culture, community news and to headlines to start the week.

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Gen-X Niceness Success

Jason Sudeikis's Kansas City charity benefit THUNDERGONG! breaks fundraising record

Jason Sudeikis's Kansas City charity benefit THUNDERGONG! breaks fundraising record

Time To Make New Friend

Overcrowded KC Pet Project is urging adoption to avoid euthanization

More than 350 dogs and cats have flooded into the KC Pet Project in the last week alone, a shelter that was already full is bursting at the seams.

Lady Leader History Exposed

America's first female mayor came from a tiny town in Kansas. And she got the job by accident

Kansas was years ahead of most of the country in granting women full suffrage. A prank by a few men backfired when Susanna Madora Salter was elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas, in 1887.

Show-Me Gun Rights Tradition

Missouri designates historic Hawken rifle as official state rifle - Missourinet

Missouri is showcasing a piece of its history by making a rifle an officially recognized state symbol. A new state law makes the historic Hawken rifle Missouri's Official State Rifle. The provision was sponsored by Rep. Mazzie Boyd, R-Hamilton. She said the idea came from Dekalb County Commissioner Kyle Carroll.

First Responders At Work

KCFD puts out flames at three-story home near 29th Street and Prospect Ave

Crews responded to the reported house fire shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday evening

Angels Can't Be Denied

Victoria's Secret, the hypersexualized iconic millennial brand, tried to remake itself as feminist-and Gen Z saw right through it

"It's really hard to turn a ship that has been about exterior perfection, and suddenly say, 'Oh, exterior perfection doesn't matter anymore,'" one academic said.

Fear The Deuce

Biden campaign official says 1 term not enough to fix financial woes

President Biden's communications director said president needs another four years in office to "finish the job" on the economy, so Americans aren't working multiple jobs.

MAGA Refrain Emerges

It's Official: With "Vermin," Trump Is Now Using Straight-up Nazi Talk

He's telling us what he will do to his political enemies if he's president again. Is anyone listening?

Gang's All Here!!!

'USA! USA! USA!': Crowd Erupts When Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson And Kid Rock Show Up Together At UFC Fight

In legendary fashion, Donald Trump showed up to a UFC fight with Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock and Donald Trump Jr., escorted by Dana White.

Holy Land Tensions Persist

Israel-Hamas War: Hostage Talks at 'Delicate' Stage; Rafah Border Exits Resume - Latest Updates

Limited numbers of foreigners and wounded Palestinians were again being allowed to cross the border at Rafah after a suspension of nearly two days, Egyptian officials said.

Europe Against Hateration

More than 100,000 people march in Paris against soaring antisemitism amid Israel-Hamas war

PARIS (AP) - More than 100,000 people marched in Paris on Sunday to protest against rising antisemitism in the wake of Israel's ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza.

El Papa Wants Peace

"Enough" conflict, says Pope Francis as he calls for more aid to Gaza

Pope Francis on Sunday reiterated his plea for an end to hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians, and called for "much more" humanitarian aid for Gaza.

Local Tribute & Politics

4 The People: War stories with a WWII veteran, recent election impact on 2024

As our country honors our veterans, 4 The People goes "On-Location" with an Overland Park World War II veteran. The choice he made in college would change his life forever.

Autumn According To Grigs

Mild conditions kick off the week in Kansas City

Overnight lows in the 40s warm up into the 60s on Monday

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