Kansas City Starts New Jail Listening Sessions After Collab FAILS

Something to consider about this feel good offering . . . 

Jackson County & KCMO FAILED to reach a deal and save money on a jail collab: So how closely do you think they're going to listen to suggestions from local plebs?!?!

Instead . . . This bit of mass marketing is offered to journalists (lulz) who don't ask very many tough questions about this town's horrible building record so far. 

Here's the word . . .

A series of community engagement sessions will be held in each of the city's six districts so Kansas Citians can voice their opinions on the size and location of the jail, along with the means of funding and the ratio of mental health to detention beds.

"Our task is going to be to synthesize the information we have that's very technical information — as you could imagine, a conversation about a jail can be very technical from design to regulations surrounding where it can be located, how you're going to fund it,"  4th District-At-Large Council member Crispin Rea told KCUR's Up To Date. "To synthesize that down into information that folks can receive, digest and then give relevant and valuable input back."

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Kansas City wants to hear from the community about building a new city jail

Kansas City Council member Crispin Rea is the chair of a committee looking for community input on how to move forward with a new city jail. Engagement sessions will be held in the coming weeks so that residents can share their thoughts.