Kansas City Reading Rabbit HOle Debuts

We were always a bit skeptical about his project . . . But it seems to be moving forward as something as simple & fun as youngsters reading has become politicized and garners mixed emotions from keyboard warriors.

Check a glimpse at a local project that will inevitably become a target of protest at some point but might also provide a nice adventure for families . . .

"Co-founders Pete Cowdin and Debbie Pettid have spent 28 years in children’s literature as co-owners of The Reading Reptile in Westport. Now, they’re bringing the books they love to life. Rabbit hOle hosts a fully immersive visitor experience with interactive exhibits, a letterpress print shop, a writing lab, a resource library and reading room, and a full-service bookstore. They have secured the rights to depict over 70 classic titles, covering 100 years of children’s publishing."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Pitch: The Rabbit hOle announces membership pricing ahead of March 2024 opening