Kansas City Public School Life Lesson: Union Beef Confronts District

On the bright side . . . Students in KCMO should know that collective bargaining complaints will likely be a very big part of their future going forward . . . Check-it . . .

"The grievances include allegations that the district hasn’t delivered all raises laid out in the latest labor contract, has disciplined workers for using leave they’re entitled to and didn’t give them orientation they were promised, said Rose Welch, the lead organizer for Service Employees International Union Local 1 in Kansas City.

"Some of the grievances affect all 350 to 400 members of the union at KCPS, Welch said. Other complaints focus on a smaller group of workers but could have wider implications, such as a chilling effect against using leave."

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Kansas City Public Schools face grievances from maintenance and cafeteria workers' union

KCPS maintenance, custodial and cafeteria union workers in SEIU Local 1 say they've had problems with pay, time off and training.