Kansas City Polyamorous Activist Performer Embroiled In Pupper Custody Battle

Our BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS recently shared a social media hot mess with a local connection that might provide a life lesson.

Sometimes sharing IS NOT CARING.

For those who don't follow local alt. news closely . . . Here's a quick introduction to our main character from our hipster friends at The Pitch:

"Sara “Miss Conception” Glass is an activist and artist originally from Kansas City who has lived in a nudist colony for over a year now. She had experience with a few poly relationships in the past, and at the beginning of 2020, she decided she was ready to dive in and see if she and her guy could make it work for them. It was primarily her task to find suitable partners, and her location easily lent to meeting like-minded potential partners. "

That seems kinda cool. 

It seems like Ms. Glass remains exceptionally prolific and recently authored a new book along with maintaining her busy schedule as a DJ & performance artist. 

Sadly . . .

In a public post that resonated back in Kansas City . . . She recently endured a bit of doggy trouble. Some of the deets and a link . . . 

"Rafiki is technically registered as my support animal and chipped in my name. I have paid  almost all of his vet bills and paid dog sitting costs recently. I truly thought this person was my family and they have turned on me because I set some boundaries and they didn’t like it."

Actually, we've seen Mr. Glass perform locally a few times and can't help but feel sympathetic for her struggle . . . Here at www.TonysKansasCity.com we can only hope that a sharing arrangement gone wrong can be solved amicably . . . And again . . . The teaching moment might be that people need to be careful about their companions when it comes to caring for the things they really love.

Developing . . .