Kansas City PETA Activists Push 'ThanksVegan' Ahead Of 2023 Turkey Day

Earlier in the month a local PETA protester planned to lie in a busy downtown Kansas City intersection "trussed up" like a turkey in order to demonstrate the cruelty of this American tradition. 

We don't know how the event turned out but it reminded us to reconsider healthier options as locals prep for the annual feast.

Here's the word from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals . . .

"Approximately 46 million turkeys are killed and sold each year in the U.S. for Thanksgiving, but simply choosing to serve a vegan meal helps spare them an agonizing death."

A presser note sent our way last week . . .

“Turkeys are individuals who feel pain and fear, value their lives, and don’t deserve to be slaughtered for supper any more than we do,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA’s display should give people the shock of realization that they need to opt for a delicious and peaceful ‘ThanksVegan’ feast.”

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How PETA Helped Animals for 'ThanksVegan' 2023 | PETA

PETA's giveaways, billboard ads, and more helped encourage people to save turkeys by having a "ThanksVegan" celebration in 2023.