Kansas City Party Postscript Midday News: Union Station Disney 100 & Prez Biden's $40K

We're with a bit of surprise midday blast . . . As costume reviews, hottie Kylie's best work and just a few local items strike our interest as we share pop culture, community news and to headlines.

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Kansas City's Front Porch Turns Into Mouse House

History-Making Disney100: The Exhibition to Open May 2024 at Union Station in Kansas City Where the Roots of Walt Disney Run Deep - Union Station

Featuring 250 Treasures from The Walt Disney Company and 14 Interactive Installations in Ten Immersive Galleries, Disney Fans are invited to secure tickets now KANSAS CITY, MO, Nov. 1, 2023 - Today, on the same floors Walt Disney walked as a young boy and again as a budding entrepreneur, Union Station officials, alongside representatives from the ...

Old School Tragedy Today

1 man dies in fire at senior apartment community in Kansas City, Missouri

A man died in a fire at a senior living apartment community Wednesday morning at 5440 Blue Ridge Cutoff in Kansas City, Missouri.

New Housing Saves World

A house backing up to the Trolly Track Trail was built with sustainability in mind.

A house that backs up to the Trolly Track Trail was built for sustainability and with the Good House principals in mind.

Building Sketchy Suburb

Blue Springs creating 'master plan' for downtown area, wants community input

The city of Blue Springs is asking for input from stakeholders when it comes to what they want to see from the downtown area.

More Deets On Lady Salad For New Soccer Stadium

Dish & Drink KC: Unleash your inner Almond Mom at Billie's Grocery and Splitlog Coffee Co.

Fried Chicken Sando and Golden Latte at Billie's Grocery. // Photo by Lauren Textor Pickled onions and Beet Lattes (oh my!) at Billie's Grocery Anyone can roleplay as one of the rich yoga moms who frequent Billie's Grocery. I frequently pretend to be the mother of a Sad Beige Baby (aka an ultraminimalist)-a capsule wardrobe-committed, Almond Mom with a neutral-colored...

Everybody's Barbie 2023

Halloween 2023: Barbie is the top costume... here are celebs as her

Barbie is the top Halloween costume for 2023. And several stars have gone way overboard to look like the Mattel doll. Tuesday brought even more Barbie styles

White House Cash Questioned

James Biden Wrote Brother Joe $40,000 Check Immediately after Receiving Chinese Cash, Bank Records Show | National Review

New bank records show a series of money transfers that resulted in Joe Biden receiving $40,000 that originated with a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC China Energy.

MAGA Suffers Mistakes

Trump, who mocks Biden's age and gaffes, deals with blunders of his own

Trump recently said Sioux City was Sioux Falls, which the Biden campaign seized on in the latest example of how Trump is being scrutinized for his own gaffes

GOP Fights For Votes

Republicans legislators claw back control of elections in key states

The changes differ from prior efforts by focusing on offices or agencies that have direct oversight over actual elections.

Holy War Basics Explained

What is happening in Israel and Gaza, and what is Hamas?

How is Israel responding to the deadly attack by Hamas three weeks ago?

Vlad Still On Warpath

Ukraine war: Russia hits most settlements in one day, says Kyiv

Some 118 towns and villages were struck in 24 hours, the most this year, Kyiv's interior minister says.

Friend's Tragedy Investigated

Matthew Perry 'happy and chipper' before death, say Friends creators

Marta Kauffman and David Crane recall last conversations with sitcom actor who died on Saturday

About The German Road Trip

Chiefs-Dolphins game previews, injury updates before Week 9 matchup

Kansas City's first European game since 2015 begins the 2023 season's most challenging stretch.

Autumn Warmup Underway

Weather Blog: Nick Bender says record low temperatures aren't here to stay

Conditions will be mercifully warmer heading into the back half of the week

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