Kansas City Owned Parking Garage Endures HORRIFIC Vandalism

Crime come home to this corner of 12th & Oak in what looks like an orchestrated attack. 

What's worse is reports of blood and and EXTREME damage to vehicles at the scene.

Here are the basics:

On Nov. 28 just after 9 a.m., Kansas City police said they responded to a call about several vehicles that were broken into at the city-owned garage, located at 1120 Oak St., according Captain Corey Carlisle, a police spokesperson. The parking garage, right across from City Hall, is connected to the Argyle on 12th apartments located at 306 E. 12th St.

A resident walking out to his car that morning found his car and about 20 others with smashed windows and shattered glass.

“I’ve never seen 20 or more cars get ran through like that,” the victim told The Star. “They completely ripped my passenger side window out and got blood all over the side of the car and inside.”

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Vandals wreck 20 or more cars in Kansas City parking garage near City Hall

On Nov. 28, Kansas City police responded to a call of several vehicles that were broken into at a city-owned garage at 1120 Oak St., across from CIty Hall.

Kansas City police investigate dozens of vandalized vehicles

Kansas City, Missouri, police investigate nearly two dozen vandalized vehicles parked in a downtown parking garage near City Hall.