Kansas City Metro Jewish Community Reacts To Israel Ceasefire Prisoner Swap

It's worthwhile to take a second to recognize how this war has hit home for many locals.

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“It’s incredibly relieving. The extent that this has weighed so heavily on all our hearts really cannot be understated; it's something that’s been absolutely ripping us apart for the last seven weeks," said Gavriella Geller, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau.

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Overland Park Jewish community reacts after some hostages released by Hamas

More than seven weeks after hostages were captured by Hamas during an Oct. 7 attack on Israel, a group of hostages were released from Gaza.

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24 hostages released as temporary cease-fire in Israel-Hamas war takes effect

The planned four-day cease-fire is part of an extendable deal that calls for Hamas to free 50 hostages and Israel to release 150 Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinian families rejoice over release of minors and women in wartime prisoner swap

More than three dozen Palestinian prisoners have returned home to a hero's welcome in the occupied West Bank following their release from Israeli prisons as part of a cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas.

Hamas delays release of second group of Israeli hostages

"The release of the second group of hostages is delayed due to Israel's non-compliance with the agreement's terms," the group said.

One Ivy League school took a unique approach to easing tensions sparked by the Gaza war

Dartmouth College responded to the Oct. 7 terror attacks on Israel and the war in Gaza that followed by convening forums for students and community members.

Families of hostages not slated for release from Gaza during current truce face enduring nightmare

The cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas will bring relief to dozens whose relatives are being held captive.

Thailand says 20 of its nationals still held by Hamas after 10 freed

Twenty Thai nationals were still being held by Hamas after the Palestinian militant group freed 10, Thailand's foreign ministry said on Saturday.

Gaza has become a moonscape in war. When the battles stop, many fear it will remain uninhabitable

Israel's bombardment has become one of the most intense air campaigns since World War II, said a director of a London-based conflict monitor.

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