Kansas City Mayor Q Proposes EPIC Luxury Loch Lloyd Land Swap

De-annexation has been on the agenda for quite some time . . . Here's a glimpse at the city hall honcho wheeling & dealing with an upscale part of the metro . . . Check-it:

"Mayor Lucas, last week, sent leaders in the Village of Loch Lloyd, Raymore, Cass County a letter suggesting Kansas City, Missouri should annex the Village of Loch Lloyd, a 450-home partially gated golf-course community with nearly 1,000 residents.

"In return, the mayor pitched giving up land within Kansas City, Missouri city limits near Raymore. The mayor’s letter stopped short of naming the exact land near Raymore the city might give up."

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KC mayor pitches annexation of Village of Loch Lloyd, tying issue to South Kansas City landfill debate miles away

Kansas City, Missouri's mayor has pitched annexing one of Missouri's wealthiest communities while tying his proposal directly to a potential landfill site.