Kansas City Hipster Slowly Comes To Terms With Old School Christmas Capitalism

The publisher of The Pitch FINALLY stopped writing about gratitude of his dad's best gift of a formerly alternative local mag . . . He also doesn't reference his impressive height once in this letter to the editor . . . Instead, we get a peek at how millennials cope with impending middle-age in a strangely worthwhile polemic regarding the merits of capitalism . . .  

Giving “a thing” to someone just feels right. There’s a particular chemical rush that this season tees us up for that is simply too hard to rewrite from our coding. I know because I’ve tried. I’ve really fought back on “gift giving” in previous years—or attempted to move so far outside the box that there were no longer any boxes. There’s a transactional social construct that turns what should be personal and joyous into work-adjacent and even anxiety-crippling responsibility that can take all the fun out of the endeavor with a space vacuum-esque rush.

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Letter from the Editor: Paint you in silver, wrap you in cold

Bremlin. // Art by Cassondra Jones Welcome to the December 2023 issue of The Pitch magazine, brought to you by your friends here in glamorous Kansas City. With Thanksgiving safely behind us, we are free to focus all of our energies on what matters most: delicious, delightful capitalism-the reason for the season!