Kansas City Gray: Holiday Food Crisis, Saving The Plaza & Napoleon's EPIC Hat

Right now the highly anticipated return of the "angels" inspires our Sunday peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Kansas City Donations Desperately Needed

'Very close to the worst': Food banks in Kansas, Missouri facing growing demand as holiday season approaches

With the holiday season approaching, food banks are facing a growing demand.

Tech FAIL Tests Faith

Opinion: To keep our trust, officials must be forthcoming about 'incident' that paralyzed Kansas courts

Officials won't explain why the Kansas courts have been offline for more than a month, requiring paper filing and limiting public access to court records for 104 counties to this singular space at the Judicial Center in Topeka. With so many questions surrounding the "incident," writes Max McCoy, the public's trust is at stake.

Show-Me Latest Democracy Debate

Missouri's voter ID law is back in court. Here's a look at what it does

A trial for a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Missouri's new photo identification requirement for voters is scheduled to begin Friday.

Rock Chalk Haircut Controversy

A Kansas school forced a Native American boy to cut his hair, drawing a warning from ACLU

The 8-year-old boy, a member of the Wyandotte Nation, started growing his hair out after attending the Nation's annual gathering. School officials at a Gerard elementary warned his family that his hair needed to be cut to comply with the dress code, which the ACLU says violates his religious freedom.

Iconic Collab

Plaza District Council sets stage for collaboration

The Plaza District Council formed about a year ago and had one of it's first public events Thursday, showing off data and maps of the area they want to help improve.

Angel Boss Shares Vision

Michaela Stark Is Fashioning a New Kind of Victoria's Secret Angel

The Australian-born, London-based designer is subverting body standards in the new VS World Tour.

Prez Confronts Underdog Fight

Joe Biden is facing a near-historic deficit for an incumbent | CNN Politics

Donald Trump has a small, but clear, advantage over Joe Biden right now. This makes Biden just the second president since scientific polling began to trail in his reelection bid at this point in the campaign.

2nd Place Lashes Out

Ron DeSantis again calls Biden, Trump too old for White House

Voters have been much more likely to view Biden, 80, as too old for the job, compared with Trump, 77.

Diva Shares Not-So-Shocking Disclosure

OnlyFans model Leila Lewis claims Rep. George Santos was a subscriber - and that she once rated his manhood

Leila Lewis aired the allegation on social media on Thursday just hours after the House Committee on Ethics released a damning report detailing evidence the 35-year-old Republican had splashed some of his campaign cash on OnlyFans subscriptions.

Terrorist Underground Exposed

IDF publishes footage of what it says is Hamas tunnel at al-Shifa hospital

Israel says opening was discovered beneath floor of a garage within Gaza medical complex's walls

Historic Fashion For Sale

Napoleon Bonaparte's hat to go on sale at Paris auction

The black bicorne felt hat was a trademark of the French emperor, and is expected to fetch up to €800,000.

El Papa Loves Everybody

Trans Women Welcome Pope's Message of Inclusivity

Francis has made reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community a hallmark of his papacy

Witness Kansas City Vista

The View From Twenty-one Stories - The Old Traders National Bank Building

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Soggy Autumn Arrives . . .

A cold rain approaches Sunday and Monday

Sunday will have high temperatures around 54 degrees; cold rain is possible Sunday and Monday, and the rest of the week gets colder.

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