Kansas City Faith Blogger Rejects MAGA Christian Nationalism

In a recent post, longtime Kansas City newsman Bill Tammeus links the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riot to a recent surge in faith-based Christian political activism. 

Here's the crux of his argument against the trend along with a book review . . . 

"There are many good reasons to reject Christian Nationalism, of course, including the reality that although a majority of Americans today still identify as being some type or other of Christian, the nation is increasingly pluralistic when it comes to religion, especially considering that nearly one-third of adult Americans now identify as religious unaffiliated.

"So a nation ruled by a Christian Nationalist government would be or soon become a case of the majority being ruled by the minority. Add to that the vast variety of Christianities practiced in this country and soon you have to decide which of them gets to rule, assuming they can't rule by coalition (not a bad assumption)."

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