Kansas City Earns Best & Worst LGBT Friendly Ranking

Here's a note on mixed reviews for Kansas City inclusion, equity and perceptions about political empowerment . . . Your mileage may vary . . .

Kansas City received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s latest Municipal Equality Index for its record on LGBTQ+-friendly legislation.

The annual report looks at how well municipal policies, laws and services include LGBTQ+ people. This year’s index ranked 506 municipalities across all 50 states, about 25% of which received perfect scores — including St. Louis and Columbia.

In contrast, Clever Real Estate group ranked Kansas City and St. Louis as two of the 10 least LGBTQ+-friendly cities in the country, because of Missouri's anti-trans and anti-queer legislation.

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Kansas City got one perfect score for LGBTQ+ equality - and also one of the worst

The Human Rights Campaign gave Kansas City high marks on its municipal equality index, but another group said the city is one of the worst places for LGBTQ+ people to live.