Kansas City Dialed In: Liberty Rehabilitated, Boozing For Better World & MAGA Still Leads

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Monumental Improvements

Kansas City National WWI Museum unveiled upgrades with more to come

The National World War I Museum and Memorial is unveiling some improvements for visitors this Veterans Day weekend, and this is just the beginning of some big changes you will see there.

Rock Chalk Saturday For Super Bowl Baller

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes attends KU football game to catch alma mater Texas Tech

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes was spotted at Saturday's game in Lawrence between his alma mater Texas Tech and Kansas.

Retro Revolution Returns

'The community is so welcoming': KC Roller Warriors makes comeback with new teams

After three years, the KC Roller Warriors are relaunching three hometown teams with new skaters and new names: the Midtown Misfits, the Strawberry Hellions and the 18th and Vines.

JoCo Player Helps Recovery

Overland Park man creates game to help others regain speech after traumatic brain injury

An Overland Park man has created a game to help develop speech and diction skills after struggling to speak following his own traumatic brain injury.

Kansas City Booze Saves The World?!?!

Transparent Brewing finalizes expansion into sustainable, farm-to-table event space

Transparent Brewing and The Chive has finally opened the doors of their long-awaited event space expansion in South Kansas City.

Siri Works The Internets

The deeply unsexy truth at the centre of Netflix's Money Shot

Netflix's "Money Shot" documentary lays bare the truths about P*rnhub, and the harsh, horribly unsexy realities of the p*rn industry in the 21st century.

Wartime Prez Talks Troops

Biden commemorates Veterans Day as conflicts escalate abroad

Although Biden did not explicitly mention the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, his speech focused on American forces rising to the occasion to defeat darkness and evil.

MAGA Promises Roundups

Trump plans sweeping undocumented immigrant roundups, detention camps, New York Times reports

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, if re-elected in 2024, would expand his first-term immigration crackdown to include sweeping roundups of undocumented people who would be held in large camps to await deportation, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Speaker Has No Confidence?!?

Shutdown standoff: White House preps for Johnson to fail

Biden aides are betting that Johnson won't be able to figure this out and are preparing along two tracks.

Old Boss Still Holds Influence

Axelrod's sharp criticism gives nod to lingering Obama-Biden tensions

Lingering tensions between the Biden and Obama teams broke into the open this week when the former president's close political adviser David Axelrod said President Biden should consider stepping aside from reelection for the sake of the country. Former Biden White House chief of staff and longtime Biden confidant Ron Klain shot back, complaining about past pointed...

Pro-Palestine "Progressives" Attack Dead-Tree Media

Anti-Israel protesters burn Israeli flag, splatter fake blood on NY Times building

Thousands of anti-Israel protesters gathered in Columbus Circle Friday night, where they burned an Israeli flag and chanted for the elimination of the Jewish state before marching through Manhattan and splattering fake blood on the New York Times building.

Holy Land Hot Mess Worsens

As Gaza death toll rises, Israel faces pressure to protect Palestinian civilians

Israel faced mounting international pressure, including from its main ally the United States, to do more to protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza as the death toll rose and fighting intensified between Israeli forces and Hamas militants near and around hospitals.

Eastern Europe Now Fighting Over Money

Ukraine to Putin: You cut our power, we kneecap your biggest economic driver

"It would only be fair," Galushchenko says of attacking Russian oil and gas in response to possible attacks against Ukraine's grid this winter.

High Seas Showdown Starts

China and America Are Flexing Their Aircraft Carrier Muscles in the South China Sea

China claims all of the waters are enclosed in the so-called "Nine-Dash Line," which includes nearly 90 percent of the South China Sea. The Nine Dash Line doesn't accord with anything resembling the normal rules defining a nation's territorial seas or exclusive economic zone and the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has refuted Beijing's claim, the Telegraph newspaper reported.

Former 1st Lady Smartly Avoids Spotlight

Melania Trump loves the mysterious narrative about her: ex-aide

Trump's wife has been noticeably absent during his multiple court appearances and recent campaign stops.

Mizzou Doc Turnabout

5 Things I'd Never Do - Advice From a Colorectal Surgeon

A healthy colon is vital. Read the advice from a colorectal surgeon to learn why you shouldn't ignore blood or spend too much time on the toilet.

Depression Era Drama Debuts

Grapes of Wrath opens at the Arts Asylum Theater in Brookside this weekend

This is the first professional production of the stage play in 25 years in Kansas City

Toast To Troops

KC Sipps: Four new spots to dish and drink, plus Veteran's Day discounts

Food Editor Sarah Sipple shares timely restaurant news and events for Kansas City. Four new spots have opened, plus a new fall festival.

Hint: Paywall Warns Us That Tech FAIL Signals Office Space Harsh Times

WeWork files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - The Business Journals

The coworking giant's bankruptcy could have an effect in many office markets that are already coping with a host of challenges stemming from the rise of remote work.

Taste Of Local Offering

Phoenix is home to a KC barbecue joint that's as traditional as they come.

Phoenix is home to a KC barbecue joint known as Phat Turtle that's as traditional as they come. Offering up tried and true BBQ favorites.

Katie Calls Local Weather

A little rain possible on Veterans Day

Saturday will have high temperatures around 55 degrees; a possibility of light rain in the afternoon may interfere with Veterans Day events.

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