Kansas City Congressman Cleaver Shares Statement On Israel Ceasefire

Just posted to his social media accounts moments ago . . . Here's the latest word from the Congressman:

Congressman Cleaver Calls for Bilateral Ceasefire, Release of Hostages, and Humanitarian Aid to Palestinian Civilians

November 20, 2023

(Kansas City, MO) – Today, U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) released the following statement, calling for a bilateral ceasefire, the release of innocent hostages held by Hamas, and desperately needed humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians.

“Since October 7, I’ve watched in horror the devastation that Hamas terrorists have inflicted upon innocent civilians in both Israel and Gaza, my heart breaking as loved ones are held hostage and families are torn apart. From the very beginning of this conflict, I have stated that Israel has an absolute right to exist and defend its people and the more than 200 individuals that were ruthlessly ripped from their homes and taken hostage. I still believe that.”

“I have also said that the Palestinian people should not be equated with Hamas, and that the United States must use our diplomatic capabilities to de-escalate the conflict and provide humanitarian relief to Palestinian civilians as we support Israel’s efforts to defend itself, defeat Hamas, and return hostages back home. And we must do so while holding our ally to the highest standards of international conflict, as to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza to the greatest extent possible. I still believe that as well.”

“Over a month later, with each passing day, I have become even more distressed at the horrific loss of life and increasingly concerned that a protracted conflict will only further inflame an already sharp rise in Antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks in the U.S and around the world, worsen the humanitarian crisis at hand, and risk a widening conflict that will only cause more death and destruction to innocent Palestinian and Israeli civilians alike. As I said last month: Violence only begets more violence.

“Having spent decades as a faith leader, fundamentally, I believe we are all children of the world and all worthy of love and peace. The world has already seen enough death and suffering. Today, I am calling on the Biden Administration to use every diplomatic tool available to encourage an immediate, bilateral ceasefire in exchange for the release of innocent hostages and necessary sustained humanitarian aid into Gaza. My hope is that this ceasefire will enable the difficult but necessary work of a negotiated, durable agreement to move forward and provide a framework for long term peace and a two-state solution — something that I strongly support.”


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