Kansas AG Kobach Argues Against Ballot Harvesting Ahead Of 2024

This is one of the most important election issues in Kansas given that TURNOUT IS EVERYTHING and there's no denying that progressives are mobilizing to turn this red state blue.

Here's an overview of the debate and VERY NUANCED arguments from the Kansas AG . . . 

At issue are a so-called ballot harvesting provision restricting the number of advance ballots that one person can deliver and a provision on signature matching requirements for mailed ballots . . .

Kobach said both process have "a point at which the state ensures that this is indeed the person who is entitled to cast this person's vote." Voting in-person means checking the ID before getting a ballot, he said, while voting by mail means verifying the signature after the ballot is received.

"Why should there be hurdles in making my vote count?" Kansas Supreme Court Justice Rosen said.

Kobach said he wouldn't call signing an envelope a hurdle.

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