Johnson County Doctors Discuss Controversial COVID Vaxx Postscript

Amid the darkest days of the pandemic . . . Our blog community urged readers to consult with their doctors and avoid relying solely on the Internets for information. 

We stand by that advice given that political pundits are often full of it and most seem unwell in one way or another. 

Now . . . 

We notice a growing cacophony of medical professionals sharing their opinion about politics and public health policy . . . And so we merely serve to inform readers of a conversation that's gaining traction given that this blog doesn't even feel comfortable recommending Dr. Pepper in order to wash down Thanksgiving leftovers . . . Here's more confident news . . .

"Five Johnson County physicians are going public with what they maintain is the “truth” about COVID-19, the series of immunizations, the effects of the lockdowns, and resulting threats to our freedoms. The group’s first “Medical Truth Lecture Series” was recently held in a small midtown Kansas City church before a crowd of about 75."

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"First, Do No Harm:" Doctors group risks careers to tell the truth about pandemic, immunizations - The Sentinel

The doctors say patients have a right to know everything about immunizations and other COVID issues so they can make informed decisions.