Hip-Hop Legend Tech N9ne Will Flip Switch For Plaza Lights 2023

This one is a bit more complex than it seems . . .

Actually . . . Tech is a family man, a mentor to hundreds of locals and his impressive influence over the Kansas City hip-hop scene has served to provide a great deal of peace and collaboration rather than destructive and often deadly rivalry that other towns have endured. 

Anybody who knows ANYTHING about Tech's reputation knows that he has earned nationwide respect for his above board biz practices & eclectic musical ability . . . He really is one of the best celebrities this town has ever known. 

However . . .

C'mon man . . . This performance persona is based on scaring the hell out of people and coping with mental anguish. 

On the other hand . . . Maybe this is apropos for the holiday season approaching election year. 

Check-it . .  .

Tech N9ne — a Kansas City-born rapper and the co-founder of the independent music label, Strange Music — gets the honor of “flipping the switch” to turn on the Plaza’s iconic Christmas lights

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Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne to flip switch at 2023 Plaza Lighting Ceremony

The 94th annual Plaza Lighting Ceremony is scheduled for Thanksgiving night, Nov. 23. Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne will flip the switch.

Beloved KC icon Tech N9ne to flip switch for Plaza Lighting Ceremony on Thanksgiving

The Country Club Plaza will be transformed into the "Red Kingdom" for the 94th Annual Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony on Thanksgiving night when Tech N9ne flips the switch to turn on the iconic lights.