Haxxorz Keep Kansas Courts Offline

What local news seems to be downplaying is that the "security issues" are obviously a result of hackers who corrupted the system and have kept it offline. 

Here's a peek at the ongoing damage . . . 

"Case files, marriage licenses, background checks, and multiple other systems are all affected or delated. Parts of the state’s court computer system went down in mid-October, except for Johnson County which runs on a separate system.

"The computer system statewide is still offline without an exact timeline to return."

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Kansas electronic court records system still offline weeks after security incident

Electronic court records in Kansas are still crippled weeks after the state admitted a security incident with its computer system.

'It's not ideal': Kansas lawmakers talk security incident that took down online court access - Kansas Reflector

Legislators are discussing a "security incident" that has shut down online operations for most of the state's courts.