GOP Slap Fight In Shawnee, Kansas?!?

The original title of this post was . . .

Shawnee, Kansas voters enjoy conservative renaissance . . . But then we realized that nobody really enjoys ANYTHING about Shawnee, Kansas. 

Accordingly . . . Here's a bit more about election politicking and quiet lives of desperation in this oftentimes oppressive golden ghetto enclave . . .

Laurel Burchfield, who’s running for an open seat on the council, said the latest scandal was teed up by the council majority looking for ideological purity in a city manager.

“I think it’s directly tied to partisan agendas,” said Burchfield. “And I think it’s because they wanted someone who would align with their priorities more so than our former city manager.”

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A mayoral race in Shawnee, Kansas, is between two 'very different' kinds of Republicans

Reports of a sexting video featuring the city manager are the latest upheaval in Shawnee, where dozens of city employees have left their jobs in the past two years. "I think it's directly tied to partisan agendas," said one city council candidate.