Former KCPD Detective Denied Again Amid Support For Mean Jean

Kansas City moves closer to the culmination of a deadly police shooting controversy that has worsened racial and partisan divisions across the region.

For us, here's the crux of the debate going forward . . .


Yes, that might be obvious to some, it was recently noted by Guv Parson but we notice voters & local media are easily confused about complicated legal arguments. 

The greatest example . . .

There has NEVER been any legal ruling about KCPD planting a gun or tampering with evidence. Instead, that's a dangerous theory promoted by progressive activists and a smallish subset of local legal eagles. 

From our vantage . . . The is focal point of the case and how it is viewed by differing factions offers an indication or bias, politicking and/or careful consideration. 

Meanwhile . . . 

There's also denying that supporters of the former KCPD detective confront an uphill battle, the odds of their success are getting worse as progressive thought leaders look to bolster the actions of Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker . . . Which brings us to today's latest setback . . .  

On Tuesday, the appellate court overruled DeValkenaere’s rehearing motion and denied his application for transfer to the Missouri Supreme Court, ending proceedings at the appellate level.

The Missouri Court of Appeals also overruled and denied a similar motion the Missouri Attorney General’s Office filed on DeValkenaere’s behalf . . .

DeValkenaere’s attorneys have until Dec. 6 to appeal directly to the Missouri Supreme Court by filing an application for transfer.

UPDATE . . . 

Jackson County Prosecutor's statement regarding Missouri Appeals Court decision

"Today, the Western District Court of Appeals denied all pending motions that challenged the courts affirming the manslaughter conviction of a Kansas City police officer. The ruling today validates again the prosecution of this matter.

"Today's decision is based on the rule of law in Missouri and focuses on the merits of this conviction. Others will view these rulings through a political lens. For that, I have no comment."


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