Feds Investigate Accused Overland Park Doc

No jokes in this post . . . Here's a public safety notice and reports of an ongoing investigation amid serious charges:

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors charged Brian Aalbers with one count of attempted production of child pornography

Aalbers has been a practicing doctor in the area for several years.

Last week, Overland Park Regional Medical Center officials said at the time they did not believe any of their patients were involved.

The FBIs announcement Monday cited Aalbers profession and contact with children as the basis for seeking more information from the public. The agency has created an e-mail address, aalbersinvestigation@fbi.gov, where the public can submit information.

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FBI asking public for info regarding Johnson County doctor Brian Aalbers

The FBI said Monday it is seeking additional information from the public about a pediatric neurologist in Johnson County who's been charged with attempted production of child pornography.