Downtown Kansas City Hopes To Throw EPIC Good Money After Bad

Check this passionate plea which blissfully ignores that Kansas City taxpayers HEAVILY SUBSIDIZE DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT and the P &L District centerpiece siphons about 15 MILLION BUCKS from the general fund every year . . . Meanwhile, here's another willfully ignorant pitch:

"Back in 2004, when we were looking at locating the stadium in Downtown, the economics were different. Back then, it was a stadium, and today, it’s a ballpark district. Those districts just weren’t part of the economics of baseball back then, so that’s changed. The other thing that’s obviously changed is about $10 billion of investment over the last two decades in Downtown. It’s a very different-looking Downtown today than it was 15 to 18 years ago, and I think that’s important to the Royals because … there’s so many more partners to work with today."

And all of those "partners" are also on the most generous taxpayer funded welfare.

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Royals ballpark would build off $10B investments in KC's urban core - Downtown Council of Kansas City

A $1 billion+ KC Royals baseball stadium would look far different than when the DTC started championing the project almost two decades ago.