Did KCI Just Admit EPIC Design Flaws?!?

Like it or not . . . 

Today's discussion at 12th & Oak tacitly admits things haven't been going so smoothly at the new airport.

Sadly . . . The solutions offered don't address the crux of the problem . . . 


In fact . . . The whole thing was pretty much a scam . . . 

KC does, in fact, send a lot of cash to KCI and in the end this town is on the hook for whatever fate confronts this facility. 

Still . . . Here's a look at local leaders attempting a band-aid solution that doesn't think outside of the box or ahead of all the traffic jams impacting the place . . . Check-it:

Aviation Department staff shared plans Thursday for possible changes to the roads leading to the pick-ups curb to address the back-up issue.

"I think there might be a chance for us to go to three lanes sooner rather than inbound Cookingham [Drive], which is two lanes up until you're under the Paris Street bridge," Justin Meyer, deputy director of the Kansas City Aviation Department, said.

"If there's a way to get the third lane built in there sooner, allow the traffic that's flowing into the garage or commercial curb to stay out of the back-up that might occur, that would help everybody," Meyer said.

They don't plan for the work to end there.

The Aviation Department is also looking at creating a new cell phone lot for waiting drivers. A site hasn't been selected yet, but those discussions are expected to start next year.

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