Country Club Plaza Crime Wave Now Threatens Overland Park?!?

Amateur online sleuths suggest a theory that has garnered mainstream news attention by way of hoodie and demographic similarities.  

The public service here is warning that shoplifters in the Kansas City are now ORGANIZING by way of social media and probably packing heat.

Here's the word .  . .

But after Overland Park police shared photos of their suspects Friday and the three getaway vehicles, people commenting on the police department's Facebook page, our post and one in the Facebook group Stolen KC couldn't help but notice the similarities. They pointed out the woman with the gun also had on a pink hoodie, black pants and white tennis shoes. Her accomplice also appeared to have on similar boots, pants and shirt as in photos released by Overland Park Police.

"In this instance what they were wearing was similar, the car itself had damage in the same location, so it doesn't take long for the Internet sleuths to kind of put those things together," Dave Brucker, Stolen KC Founder, said.

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Police investigate whether Plaza gun incident and Overland Park shoplifting connected

Some are wondering if the incident on the Plaza and the one in Overland Park Crossing could be connected.