Congressman Cleaver Joins Israel War 'Ceasefire' Chorus

Tonight we check turnabout from the elder statesman of Kansas City, Missouri who has faced increasing progressive pressure to back off support for Israel . . . It seems the Congressman is moving away from his solidarity with the only Middle-East democracy amid growing American protest, TikTok trolling and the reality the Prez Biden might not be a viable contender for reelection . . . 


The Kansas City Democrat also committed to withdrawing House Bill 6367, the Armed Conflict Migration Act, which is meant to facilitate humanitarian aid in Gaza but which critics say could inadvertently enable the displacement of Palestinians.

“We have to have a cessation of hostilities,” Cleaver said. “I think guns should go silent. We need to cease the fighting.”

 He stopped short of saying he would sign the Ceasefire Now Resolution.

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KCUR: 'Guns should go silent' — Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver joins calls for cease-fire

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